How To Use This Site

| September 14, 2010

1) Add me to this site!
Hit “Contact” (above this post, to the left of “Feed”), select “Add Me To Your Site,” and input your Pressible username (which you can get from and your email address into the box. Hit send.

2) How do I make a post?!
While you are logged in, navigate to your dashboard.
2) At the top of the page, click on “New Post.” Title it with what you are seeking to learn (i.e., “Interested In Learning Violin”). Be sure to include the following in the body of your post:

1. Your name
2. Your email/preferred way of contact
3. What you are willing to teach
4. What you are interested in learning
5. Anything else you think we should know?

On the right side of the screen, a little below the main text box, select some tags. Tag your post with your name, what you are offering (i.e., “teaching: voice”), and what you are interested in learning (i.e., “learning: woodwinds”).

You can save a draft if you’re not yet ready to go prime-time with your post. Otherwise, go for it and hit Publish!

3) Use the tags page to search!